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Beagle Apartment Dog

Beagle in apartment with owner
Beagle in apartment with owner


When you have decided to get a dog (or a puppy) one of the 1st things that one should think about is what breed you are interested in.

Many people choose based on the appearance of the dog. Others decide by narrowing down their choices by size....for example a person may want a large breed dog to serve as not only companion but as a guard dog as well.

In regard to Beagles, their size makes them perfect for small living spaces, but what about their exercise needs and characteristics? Is a Beagle an apartment dog? Let's go into detail about this...

Can a Beagle Be Happy in an Apartment?

The Beagle is, by nature, a hunting dog. The instinct to hunt goes back many, many generations. However, with this being said, the majority of owners do not hunt with their dog. They choose this breed because of appearance and personality. When choosing a dog, one must not only think about themselves, but also think about if they can offer the dog the type of environment that he or she will be happy in.

It is true that this breed, in general, loves to run. They also like to explore, go for long walks and are happy when they are able to sniff around to follow outdoor scents and see where it leads them.

On the other side of the coin, is the fact that the Beagle has a heart of gold and is very loyal to his or her owner. They bond closely with their human family members when living indoors as part of the family.

While it does help to have a large, fenced in yard for the dog to play and run around in, it is not a "must have" if you take certain steps. And it should be noted that many apartments and flats are larger than some houses. With this said, no matter what the size of your indoor living facilities, the Beagle is medium sized dog and will do just fine in an apartment if you offer him enough exercise and set up things properly for him.

What Can Help Make a Smaller Living Space Work for a Beagle

First, it will be best if you do have some room for the dog to have his own area. This does not mean that the Beagle needs to have its own actual room to himself, but rather that in the kitchen, a quiet corner should be reserved for the dog's food and water. 

It is important for any dog to know exactly where they are to go to eat and drink. They can become defensive if they are made to eat in a spot that people walk by and this can cause them to become overprotective of their food. They enjoy privacy and need to be able to relax when eating meals, feeling safe and secure. Therefore, if you are able to provide this, it is a great 1st step in being able to have a Beagle apartment dog.

Have a plan to offer enough activity. In general, you want to be able to offer the chance for exploration and curiosity that is running high in a puppy (and also most adults). This means that for a Beagle apartment dog to be happy and healthy, they will need to be able to exercise off any pent up energy. Without that opportunity, bad behavior can emerge, such as destructive behavior of ripping apart your shoes! 
This can be taken care of by offering at least 2 walks per day. While 1 walk per day may be sufficient if it is long enough, 2 is best. Alternatively, you may wish to offer 1 nice, brisk walk and about an hour or so of other cardio such as energetic play time... Frisbee, catch, etc. can be enjoyed either in a yard or a park.

Walks are best if you can change the route every now and gives the Beagle a chance to see new things, hear new sounds, smell new scents and so forth.  
Beagle being taken for a walk
Beagle being taken for a walk
No matter where you live or what you situation, please do be aware that it is important to always use a leash unless you are in an enclosed area and you are certain that the fencing is adequate enough to hold in a dog that will have a high desire to chase after a tantalizing scent. 

Some owners have found that they will be enjoying a very fun game of catch, when all of a sudden the dog stops, sniffs and runs off.

This means that he or she picked up an odor and "just must" find out where it goes and what it is! Making a leash rule and sticking by it = not have a lost dog! Not only will a Beagle take off on pursuit, he can go far when doing so.
Another simple tip for apartment living is to try to de- cluttered as much as possible. If you have a child or children, it will work out best if the child's toys go into 1 toy box and the Beagle's into another. Be sure to keep other objects out of reach. 
Shoes, pocketbooks, wallets, books....all of those household items that a person may put on the floor without giving it a 2nd thought should be placed on counter tops, on hooks, in closet, etc. It must be mentioned that for safety reasons, any objects that are small enough to choke on or any substances that are harmful if swallowed must be put out of reach whether you have a puppy or an adult.
Plan on having a good set of toys.  You want to have the right toys when your Beagle is home alone and also some good ones to offer to him when you're busy and he's home inside the living space and feeling a bit bored.

Beagles like a reason to chew and focus on a toy, so those that hold treats are perfect for this breed. Never make it easy to receive a treat (unless you're house training a puppy or command training). A Beagle enjoys the 'hunt' even if it's working to find where in the world that tempting smell is coming from and then working a toy for 20 to 30 minutes to find out and receive the reward.

You want to look for sturdiness, so that they hold up well, preferably bright colors and good textures that a Beagle will find interesting. If you don't mind toys being all over your apartment, it's good for a Beagle to be able to walk around and find his favorite ones as opposed to them being in one spot. Being able to do this will depend on your space and if you have young toddlers that may not understand that they shouldn't play with the dog's toys. 
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