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Beagle Owners Poll

In this section, you will see what Beagle owners think about their dogs and be able to see many different stats about Beagles, given straight from owners.  

51% My Beagle snores!
49% My Beagle does not snore

Personal Thoughts from Owners: "Mr. Bojangles has snored since we've had him. Only if he sleeps on his back in bed though."

"Sometimes loud enough to turn up the TV and sometimes barely. They have always snored."

"She snores at least once a night and it is definitely loud enough to wake you up in the room over!"

"She snores at least once a night and it is definitely loud enough to wake you up in the room over!"

"Boss snores very loudly at times. His loudest is while laying on his back which is his favorite way to sleep. He has snored since I got him."

"The snoring has certainly developed over time. Even though my beagle is only almost 2, he snores louder than my husband (when my husband is sick!) I have to get up and move him around to make him stop!"

* Editor's note: Be sure to read our Snoring Section
We Asked Beagle Owners... If your Beagle could change one thing about YOU, what would it be?

23 % My owner would play with me more
27% They would let me sleep in their bed
25% They would give me more junk food
20% They would let me chew on anything that I wanted to
5 % Other

Personal Thoughts from Owners: "Rocoo would want me to spend time with him 24/7!"

"My dog is very spoiled and gets everything she wants, sometimes not a good thing!"

"Bailey Jane is a new comer to the house and she is working hard on learning the rules, yet she has the idea that everything belongs in her mouth including slippers, socks and my fiances underwear."

"My Beagle has this way about him that even if he gets literally everything he wants, I still feel guilty like I could do a bit more.  Sure it's in my mind and not what he's actually thinking."
Beagle Owner AKC Poll

45 % I want my Beagle to be AKC registered

43% I do not care if he or she is AKC registered

11% I do not care if my dog is AKC registered, BUT I want the my dog's parents to be AKC registered

1% I need for my dog to be AKC registered, I am planning on entering him/her in a Conformation Event

Personal Thoughts: "My Ailey is my BEST FRIEND, papers or not."

"Papers or not, I would love my Scooter the same, but I am happy that I have AKC papers for my little guy"
Possessiveness of Toys

57% My Beagle is very possessive of their belongings

39% Mine is possessive of only 1 certain item

4% Mine does not act possessive at all

Personal Thoughts: "For some reason, despite all of the toys that I have for my Beagle, Troy, he absolutely loves a sock! Not just any sock, it is one that he guard with his life, he acts as if the sock is a little puppy that he is taking care of !" * Editor's note: This is "nesting behavior" which can occur with both females and often happens when a female is pregnant, but either gender can show signs of this behavior and it is harmless as long as your Beagle does not act overly aggressive when they are "protecting" their "puppy".
We asked Beagle Owner about Allergies

53 % My Beagle does not have allergies

32% My Beagle does have allergies, but we have it under control

15% My Beagle has allergies and we are having a hard time with this.

Personal Thoughts: "My baby Beagle only scratches right at bed time, it seems to be a ritual!"

"My Beagle scratches and has a runny nose, we are having him tested to see what he is allergic to, we are now on a hypo-allergenic diet and it is helping"

*Editor's Note: If you suspect that your Beagle has food allergies, be sure to check out Healthy Home Cooking for the Beagle.
We asked Beagle Owners about Barking

43 % My Beagle barks more than I thought that they would

32% He or she only barks if he/she has a reason

18% He or she howls like a wolf !

7% Surprisingly, he or she does not bark a lot

Personal Thoughts from Beagle Owners: "He barks when the landscapers come into or near our yard with a weed-eater or leaf blower. We tell him to be quiet, then say "good quiet" and give him a treat. He stops right away and waits for the next treat."

"Birds, she hates birds and our neighbors feed the local birds and she will bark for over half an hour until they leave. Nothing has worked, ignoring her drives the neighbors mad, calling her up stairs and settling her keeps her quiet but then when I leave she will go back down and bark, telling her no is a stern voice doesn't work. 

She hasn't been receiving much exercise but that is only because she was spayed a week ago and we don't want to hurt her stitches in any way."

"Every evening at promptly 6 PM, he calls out to his invisible pack, waits for 5 mins and then calms down and is quiet the rest of then night."

54% My Beagle does not get along with cats

18% Mine doesn't seem to mind cats, but probably wouldn't like one in the home

24% Mine gets along GREAT with cats

4 % I'm not sure how my dog would react to a cat

Personal Thought: "I thought my Beagle could live with a cat, when he saw one, the "chase was on!", but recently I ran into a friend who had her cat with her and Snoop, my dog, acted like he just found a brand new best friend!"
The Trick My Beagle Does Best

52% Retrieve an object on command
22% Catch a Frisbee or ball in the air
18% Other (see below!)
5% Roll over
3% Sit & Beg on command

Personal Thoughts from Beagle Owners:  

Other: "My Beagle's best "trick" is emptying my trash cans!"

Other: "My Lola loves playing soccer with a basketball and loves to guard the ball."
What Beagle Owners Have to Say about Separation Anxiety

72% My Beagle does suffer from some Separation Anxiety.

20% I think mine may like it better when someone is home, but he/she seems to handle it okay

5% Mine doesn't seem to notice if anyone is home or not!

3% My pup may just throw parties when no one is home!

Personal Thought: "My Beagle will howl and try to escape to go with the person in the family who left, he suffers from severe separation anxiety and always needs to be with someone."
Activity Poll

21 % My dog is very hyper

55 % My dog is 50% hyper & 50% calm

15 % My Beagle is mostly calm

9 % My dog is calm all of the time

Personal Thoughts from Beagle Owners: "My dog, Sammy, loves to run around any play, but sometimes he just loves to cuddle on the sofa. During those times, I need to coax him out the door!"

"Carly was pretty revved up until the 16 or 18 month age and then has settled down quite a bit. I can get her going with a ball, but she takes my lead."

46 % My Beagle sleeps in my bed
22 % My Beagle sleeps in his/her doggie bed
9 % My dog sleeps in his/her crate
23 % He or she sleeps wherever he/her happens to be at the time!

Personal Thought: "My Buddy absolutely loves to cuddle in the bed with my husband and I, sometimes he'll go visit my son and sleep in his bed, but it's always a human bed!"
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