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White Beagles

White Beagles

Overview of White Beagles

There is some controversy and disagreement regarding Beagle dog colors. The AKC, one of the most respected of all kennel clubs tells us that this breed can be found in "any hound color" (or combination of colors, to be exact).

With this said, there are so many different dog kennel clubs around the world, each with their own definition as to what exact coloring should be present in the Beagle. For example, red can mean 1 thing to the AKC and a completely different thing to a group on the other side of the world

With this in mind, let us go into detail about the elusive white Beagle....and clear up any confusion about this particular color of dog.

Explaining Beagle that Look White

Many people, both owners and potential owners wonder if there is such a thing as an all white Beagle. Aside from the dog being an albino (extremely rare) that would have no pigmentation on any part of the body....this means pink eye rims, nose, lips and so fourth... 

A purebred cannot be 100% white, even if he or she appears to be.
white lemon Beagle
Honey, 15 months
Photo courtesy of owner: Danielle Williams
It is not in the breed's bloodline to be one solid color. Shading and spotting (referred to as ticking) is in the genes; both Tri color and/or bi color markings are in the breed's genes.  Beagles will always have hound colors and solid white is not part of that.

However, with this being said, there are some dogs, that due to certain color combinations (and sometimes coupled with the age of the dog) do appear to be white Beagles.  

Note: White is a recessive hue and any other color in the pup's parents - both dam and sire- (and going at least 5 generations back on both sides) will be dominant over it.  
lemon and white Beagle puppy
Lemon & White

One of the closest coat colors that one may achieve to resemble a white Beagle is the Lemon and White. Lemon is a tricky hue...some light tans will be called a lemon...although a lemon does have more of a yellowish tint to it. 

What makes this particular coloring appear to be a white Beagle is that in many cases, the lemon will be extremely light, giving the dog a white appearance. 
As you can see, the puppy to the left does have a white coat...It is approximately 75% white...and lemon, both light and dark) cover the remaining 25%.

If a breeder has a puppy that is similar to this, he or she may advertise that pup as a "white", although it is deceiving as the lemon will grow in as the puppy grows older... While he or she has the option to register the pup as a solid white, one must understand that what a dog is registered as does not mean that they will grow to be that color. In many cases, the coat will be much different than what the papers imply.

Age plays a huge factor here. This is because, when born, a L & W newborn puppy will be completely white. Over the course of time, the shading will begin to appear. 

Some will argue that one can tell a L & W apart from an L & tan by nose color...However this is not true in all cases. There is no guarantee. The majority of newborns will have pink noses...and some will turn to liver, some to black...and a few will remain pink.
white based Beagle with black and red
A hare pied tri-color Beagle (patches are clear & distinct and of the darkest of colors, red & black) over a white coat.
Lacey | Owner: Jodi Johnson (Reynoldsburg, Ohio) 
lemon white Beagle pup
Honey, a lemon Beagle. Much of this lemon will fade down as she matures, leaving a whiter base coat with lemon ears. Photo courtesy of owner: Danielle Williams
LemonDrop Beagles

What is a LemonDrop Beagle? It is a unofficial term meaning a L & W whose lemon areas are very, very pale. As mentioned above, this is one reason the dog may be referred to as simple a white Beagle.

Why Such the Hype Over Pure White?

One may wonder why so many people are interested in finding out about white Beagles. From what we have researched the answer is quite actually goes back to the comic Snoopy! Many people mistakenly believe that Snoopy was all white....This is not true however, since he had black coloring on his ears.
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