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Beagle Questions


Here is a roundup of some of the popular articles we have that answer some of the most common questions about Beagles. 

Appearance Related

Are there solid white Beagles? This breed is known for his hound dog colors, so can there be a solid white Beagle? 

Behavior Related

Why is my Beagle always so tired - This breed typically is a high-energy dog that plays hard. So, if your Beagle is suddenly acting lethargic, you won't want to ignore this. 
Why is my Beagle acting strange? There's all sorts of behaviors that dogs can display that are just out-of-character and leave owners wondering what in the world could be wrong.  A list of the most common sorts of odd behaviors and top reasons for them. 
Do Beagles and cats get along? There's lot of Beagles that love nothing better than chasing around a cat. But, there are also some that can be great friends with a feline. Tips for helping the two be happy under the same roof. 
How to stop my Beagle from digging - If your Beagle loves to rip up the yard, there are some methods you can employ to prevent him from making a mess. 

Care Related

What to do if my Beagle swallows something - Both puppies and dogs can mouth something dangerous in the blink of an eye, even things that you'd never thing a dog would be bothered to go near. And this can lead to a situation where you have to act quickly. 
Why does my Beagle have red, bloodshot eyes? It's not uncommon for the eyes to get a bit irritated, espeically if a Beagle has been running around outside; however, you'll want to assess how bad it is, and depending on whether it is acute or chronic, take steps to treat and prevent. 
Why does my Beagle has such bad breath? While some dogs might smell a bit like their food, it's not normal for breath to be exceedingly bad or to just about knock you over if you take a whiff. The top reasons for this and steps you can take to wipe it out. 
How can I help my Beagle with car sickness? - No doubt, there are plenty of places that you want to bring your Beagle to, but if he doesn't do well in the car, this may leave you questioning if you have to leave him at home... or watch him struggle the whole time.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to help him with motion sickness. 
What should I do if my Beagle has been stung by a bee? Stings from venomous insects can cause all sorts of issues with a dog, including severe allergic reaction. And discomfort may vary depending on which part of the body a dog has been stung. Read about the types of insects that can sting your dog and how to respond to each one. 

Food Related Questions

What's the best food to feed a Beagle? Choosing the right food for both meals and snacks is important, both for a Beagle now and in regard to his health for years to come. 
Why is my Beagle always hungry? There are a few different reasons why a Beagle may seem to have an endless appetite; why this occurs and how to resolve it. 

Other Questions

How much snoring is normal for a Beagle? If your Beagle is sawing logs in his sleep, you'll want to look over this article that answers the questions of how much snoring is normal and red flag signs to look out for. 
Is it normal for a Beagle to drool? Of course, every dog slobbers a bit; however, in some cases there might be so much drooling that you wonder if it's excessive and a problem. This covers how much is normal, reasons why there may be an overload of saliva and what can cause that. 
List of Beagle mix dogs - It is not uncommon to find mixed Beagles, due in part from owners thinking it's a great idea to pair a Beagle with another breed. We don't endorse this, but do stand by those who adopt a mix.
What is a pocket Beagle? You might have heard of this term, but never actually seen a pocket Beagle. What people mean when they say this. 
Can a Beagle do okay living in a small apartment? If you don't have a big yard or lots of room in your house, you may be wondering if a Beagle would be happy in that sort of environment. A look at how this can work and what is needed to keep a Beagle happy. 
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